Veterans Day observed

There are many, many excellent comics that salute the men and women who fight our wars for us. Never forget.
The great, great Bill Mauldin.
He’s obligatory because he’s great.

Jacques Tardi’s It was the War of the Trenches
DONG XOAI_Final 102_100dpi.jpg
Kubert again from the recent Dong Xoai
The Will Eisner illustrated maintenance manual.

The great Harvey Kurtzman.

Our modern wars have been well covered in comics, as with the excellent WAR FIX by writer David Axe and artist Steve Olexa.

There is always time for humor:
Rick Veitch and Gary Erskine.
Kyle Baker
Another perennial. But see.

Some things cannot be explained.


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    Thanks for this post, Heidi.

    I’m still hoping one of my author friends gets to do her WWI comic sometime in the next few years. Even with centennials rushing toward us and just one (still?) known veteran remaining, WWI has been a tough sell.

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    Another great World War II graphic novel came out this week called Two Generals by Scott Chantler, about his grandfather’s Canadian infantry unit. Great read, great art, and great production values. This would make more top ten lists of the year if people didn’t start putting out their top ten lists of the year in late October / early November.

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