Venture Bros. “The Next Season” trailer

It is coming to save us all.



  1. Caged Wisdom says

    I know the concept of Spidey shooting webs out of his ass is an old joke, but leave it to the Venture Bros. crew to take it to a whole new level. Seeing it in action, especially as he swings from line to line, absolutely lifted up an otherwise crappy Wednesday.

  2. Phil says

    I caaaaaannnn’tttt wait. That said, I hope they lay off the pedo jokes. It got really old.

  3. Lou says

    Me want NOW!

    And Caged, the webbing out the ass to stop the car is a riff from the opening credits of the 1960’s Spidey cartoon show. An Easter Egg for us old farts who remember the show when it was first on…

  4. says

    I wonder if there will be any more obligatory references to prog rock this season. I’m still reeling from that King Crimson homage from season 4.1.



  5. Caged Wisdom says

    Lou –
    I totally did not get that, thanks for the tip! :) I’m a Spider-man and his Amazing Friends generation kid myself.

  6. Brenticles says

    This will be Season 5 right? I need to find out when Seaqson 4 comes to DVD!!!!

  7. says

    The Return of the Clones = Yay! And we wants MORE pedo jokes, not less. And fewer overt Bowie references, but more oblique ones (“I’ve got a message for the Action Man. I’m happy. Hope you’re happy too.”)

  8. ed says

    I’m still expecting to see Brock (and the SPHINXsters?) gut “Bigby Wolf” and the rest of the FABLES cast, in light of Willingham’s comments in that dustup during last year’s Comic-Con…

  9. says

    I am so on the fence about the Venture Bros…some things I like about it, sometimes I’m just really confused. Is it still on? I wish they would bring Home Movies back, I love that cartoon!

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