Valiant Tease Rai Series for 2014

Valiant continued their history of sneaking announcements into their actual comics, today, for readers to find before anybody else does – with a teaser in the back of Unity #1 suggesting that the company may soon be publishing a Rai series.


Picture taken from Matt Kindt’s twitter feed.

Rai was the first company-created character to appear in Valiant Comics back in the day, a spirit guardian which passes down from father-to-son, giving them strength. Rai is typically associated with a team called Freedom Force, and is a legacy figure – there have been several people bearing the mantle, similar to the way Shadowman’s powers work.

Given that the character is from the future, it looks like this could be a plot point appearing in the current Eternal Warrior series, as future solicitations have the character travelling into the future himself. Could that be the launch point for a new series, or storyline, featuring Rai?


  1. J North says

    Wow, new Rai comics.

    Does that mean we finally used up all the ones left over from the nineties?

  2. says

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