Dandy Funsize

We are, like, totally on vacation.



  1. says

    Korky the Cat predates the great Kim Deitch by quite a few years. He began in 1937 on the cover of The Dandy (the UK’s – and the world’s – longest running comic). The example above (which I drew) is from a few years ago, from one of the smaller “Fun-Size Dandy” comics.

  2. The Beat says

    Hey Lew! When I found this piece of art, I never expected the artists to show up here! I’m a bit fascinated by both Biffo and Korky…apparently both are quite well known in the UK but shrouded in mystery for us in the US.

  3. says

    Yes, Judge Dredd and Andy Capp seem to be the only British characters to have made it across the Atlantic in a significant way. Regarding Korky, I’m sure it must have been inspired by the same sources that inspired Kim Deitch, – Bosko cartoons etc. Same for Biffo the Bear, which was a strange strip for the UK as there aren’t too many bears here! :)

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