Unpossible? No: Ralph Wiggum gets his own comic

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Not only is it the Simpsons’ 500th episode this weekend.

Not only did creator Matt Groening get his star on the Walk of Fame today.

But RALPH WIGGUM is getting his own comic book later this month.

It’s part of a new quarterly series of Simpsons One Shot Wonders focusing on other, more obscure, Simpsons cast members, including Bart Simpson’s pal, Milhouse; the adventures of Li’l Homer Simpson; and an issue dedicated entirely to Maggie Simpson. Future issues will even take fan suggestions into account, so let’s all get out there and prepare our Patty and Selma campaign.

Creators include Sergio Aragonés (MAD Magazine, Groo the Wanderer), Mike Kazaleh (The Adventures of Captain Jack), Carol Lay (“Story Minute,” The Big Skinny), James Lloyd (The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis), Jesse McCann (Scooby Doo), and Mary Trainor (The Simpsons Library of Wisdom).

“At signings and conventions, interest in Ralph is always off the charts. I’m happily amazed by the wide swatch of people who claim him as their most beloved ‘Simpsons’ character,” says Nathan Kane, Bongo Comics creative director, in a statement. “Not only is Ralph Wiggum an Everyman, he’s Everyman’s unintentionally hilarious, and unflappable younger brother.”

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  1. PAUL D HOUSTON says

    A must buy and I still have to pick up those Comic Book Guy issues.

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