Two new Avengers stills show heroes in action

Thor, Iron Man and Cap are shown doing what they do best in these new stills released today. Clickee for biggee.





  1. Where’s Cap’s mask/helmet!?!

  2. Jack Fear says:

    And what about Scarecrow’s brain?!?

  3. Keyser says:

    I agree! Where Cap’s helmet?????? I’m having visions of Spider-Man 3. This movie may really suck ass…

  4. Thor also needs more helmet…!

  5. Keyser, don’t be that guy. This movie will probably be great, but you have zero evidence to suggest it’ll “really suck ass.”

  6. Laurie S. Sutton says:

    It’s most likely that Thor and Cap aren’t wearing their helmets because the filmmakers want to show the actors’ faces. This is also the reason many actors and actresses will not wear heavy alien makeup (at least in my experience with Star Trek) because it hides or obscures their features.

  7. Jeff P. says:

    What Monty said.

  8. What Monty and Jeff P. said.

  9. What Keyser said.

    If actors don’t want their faces obscured, hire a no-name actor who isn’t afraid to wear the mask for 10% of a movie. That’s usually how much super-hero we get in these movies anyway.

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