Tumbling Tumblr blogs: Moebius art

quenched consciousness is devoted to panels from the great French cartoonist Moebius, without whom there would be no HEAVY METAL, Lt. Blueberry, TRON, ALIEN, and many other wondrous things. He’s a key influence in the “global fusion” style of comics that is all the rage these days so you’d better get acquainted if you aren’t already.

[Via TCR]


  1. James says

    Great stuff.

    Just be aware that the blog posts some of his more graphic(porn) images. Y’know, just in case you are scrolling through the images at work.

  2. Skott says

    its a travesty that more moebius work isn’t published in the states.

  3. Karen says

    You can get a lot of US-published Moebius secondhand. I’ve been a huge fan since discovering him in Heavy Metal in the ’80s and I’ve managed to add a significant number of his titles to our library by looking on Bookfinder.com.

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