Transmedia-tastic: Kerschl and Stewart create Assassin's Creed comic

Cross-over everywhere: cartoonists Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart talk about how they created a comic that expands the universe of the wildly popular video game, Assassin’s Creed. In keeping with all the transmedia stuff you’re always hearing about, they were given quite a bit of latitude to create their own characters and give the spin-off their own spin. ASSASSIN’S CREED: THE FALL will run three issues and be published by Ubisoft via Wildstorm



  1. Chris Rice says:

    It’s published by Wildstorm in conjunction with Ubisoft, one of the last new series from the imprint, I think.

  2. I sought in vain for a name of the publisher in all the materials. Now we know why it wasn’t more prominent.

  3. Cameron Stewart says:

    Actually, it’s not being published through Wildstorm, since the closure – the book bears the standard DC logo in the corner.

    However, this is a Ubisoft product through and through. Karl and I are employed by Ubisoft, not DC. DC is publishing the final product but has no connection or influence on the content.

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