Toonami shuts down

..and God Len at Japanator has the obit

Cartoon Network has sadly broke the news that as of today, the 20th of September, Toonami will end all scheduled programming, and die. This, in actuality, isn’t so sad seeing as the only anime to appear on this block currently is Naruto. What is sad is that this once great weekday block, which used to hold all of our favorite anime (at that time) was shoved into a Saturday evening retirement home to live out the rest of its life to entertain drunks, and grounded children.

…and a video tribute.


  1. Wait, wait, wait…does tha mean Naruto is canceled or is it just the Toonami “theme” that’s being?

  2. Spike says:

    I would imagine that Naruto is safe. With anime now spread all across CN’s schedule, there’s not really a reason for Toonami anymore…

  3. You’re right. Toonami should have kept the anime bandwagon rolling, but it was only Naruto, pretty much. I cry for the state of anime today.

  4. sad — even on Saturday night, Toonami made you feel like it was cool to be watching cartoons.

  5. A few weeks ago CN’s Adult Swim premiered a good anime name of MORIBITO, but this weekend there was nothing but ‘merican Swimstuff.

    Is the late-nite anime in danger too?

  6. Get rid of it all. Show three hour blocks of Venture Bros instead.



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