Tokyopop titles postponed, NOT canceled

Reports that Tokyopop had canceled a bunch of titles are not true, ICv2 reports. The titles were canceled at Diamond – leading to the reports — but are merely postponed, according to Toykopop. And ARIA #4 is a hit. it seems, with a new volume due later this year:

The report on Comics Worth Reading stemmed from a earlier post about the unavailability of Aria Vol. 4. Tokyopop’s Pavia explained to ICv2 that orders for that volume came in much higher than expected and created an immediate sellout from the publisher. Pavia said that the timing of a second printing of Aria 4 would depend on demand, but that Tokyopop was definitely planning to release subsequent volumes in the series. The Right Stuf/Noizumi Entertainment released Aria: The Animation Season 1 in September of 2008 and Season 2 this week.


  1. Charles Knight says

    Just what my tenants used to tell me “my rent cheque has been postponed NOT cancelled!”

  2. says

    Meanwhile, KING CITY 2 continues to linger in limbo alongside THE ABANDONED. Congrats on not reverting those rights, TokyoPop.

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