TOKYO: Gondry/Bell film opens

Cecilcover Half
TOKYO, a new triptych film directed by Michel Gondry, opened on Friday, and one of the segments is an adaptation of Gabrielle Bell’s comic book, CECIL AND JORDAN IN NEW YORK, in which a girl turns into a chair. NY Mag interviewed Gondry about the film, and he had much to say about it…and Bell:

Gabrielle actually did a comic book of Repulsion, so it’s part of her universe. It’s funny that you ask, because I think there’s a connection between Gabrielle and this Repulsion character. [Editor’s note: The heroine in Polanski’s film ends up killing a man.] Once I went to see a therapist with Gabrielle, and she was talking and talking and talking, and the therapist said, “Gabrielle, did you ever think of trying to kill yourself?” And Gabrielle said, “No.” And I said, “Ask her if she’s ever thought of killing somebody else — ME!” [Laughs.] When you work with Gabrielle, you never know what will happen.


  1. Alex says

    I just saw Tokyo! and it was pretty sick. The middle mini-movie “Merde” was my favorite. It reminded me sort of The Grinch, except more sinister. I saw Paris, I love you and thought it was too boring. This movie does the same concept a lot better.

  2. Jason says

    I just saw Tokyo! Merde was my favorite as well. The DVD comes out June 30th!

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