Today is decision day for DC Entertainment


Today is the deadline for DC Entertainment employees to give their decisions on whether or not they are going to move west with the company in early 2015. While most folks have been tight-lipped about their decisions until now, it’s already obvious that the new DC is going to look very, very different and have a very different corporate culture. We haven’t been covering this story because of the highly personal nature, but after today, most of the story will be known, and the exodus to find new jobs will begin. A few people have speculated that as much as 40% of the company won’t make the move…and it’s been a very difficult decision for a lot of people. Best of luck.

Meanwhile, across town, Marvel editor Stephen Wacker is already heading west to join, reportedly, Marvel Animation. This is a bit of a stunner because we’d always heard Wacker was an heir apparent to the Brevoort/Alonso duo running editorial, should either become incapacitated. Certainly as the editor of the Spider-verse and many other top titles, he established himself as one of the leading editors at the company. Perhaps some former DC editors will be available to fill his spot, if not his priceless online presence.

Man, it’s going to be a weird next few months around town.


  1. Roberto Photos says

    The sucky part, already two of the best editors are leaving that we know of, Will Dennis and Mark Doyle.

  2. says

    It’s going to be interesting to see if this makes things better or worse. Personally I am hoping for better. It’s going to be a whole new ball game out in California and a whole new culture. Maybe it will be a more creative and level-headed climate.

  3. Adam says

    Stephen Wacker is irreplaceable. I hope Marvel finds someone for his books who won’t chase away the talent he’s assembled.

  4. Glenn Simpson says

    Group Editor is generally an editor who is responsible for a group of books. Like the Superman books might have a single editor who was responsible for them all. He would have assistant and associate editors working for him.

  5. Chris Hero says

    Kwanza Johnson would know better than anyone.

    I can say moving for a job is a terrible decision unless you really want to live in the new area. The company doesn’t care you’ve upended your life for them.

  6. says

    Re. the “what is a group editor?” question, at a corporate level, at DC Comics a group editor is between a senior editor and an executive editor.

    The group editor can be responsible for a line of books, many of which have their own editors, and some of which the editor might edit her/himself.

    That line might be, like in the past, the Supes or Bats books, or it might a number of titles that are simply collected together for any reason that makes sense, like in a different imprint.

    I was a collect-all Group Editor at DC, responsible for those editorial departments that don’t necessarily tie to specific books, like the art department, collected editions, trading cards, color & covers (what Mark Chiarello did before becoming the Art Director), and editorial liaison between marketing or licensing and editorial.

  7. SAIPAman says

    From this almost ex-DC reader’s perspective, I can’t see how the situation could get much worse.

  8. bad wolf says

    Maybe still needs to be tagged with “10 days that shook the world”. Is this the final aftershock?

  9. Jon Q. Citizen says

    Why wouldn’t you move if it pays well and you love your job? I would, no questions asked…..and the people in L.A. are just as rude as the people in New York, so as soon as they get a tan they’ll fit right in.

  10. jsf says

    @JonQCitizen: Because if you’ve established yourself (and your family) in one place — with friends, family, schools, relationships, etc — it may be a larger issue then simply finances. And not everyone wants to live in California (or even cares about it).

  11. Jon Q. Citizen says

    @jsf: It’s just the world we live in, sometimes to keep a job you have to move. My point is that this is not Time Warner being “evil”, etc. but rather what lots of corporations do every year. The Comics Industry is not above it anymore, so they either get with the program or start their own company in New York….

  12. drumore says

    If you have a spouse/partner, they’d have to give up their job and look for something new in CA. Whether you stay/move, one of you is job hunting. Maybe the other person brings in more money.

    If you own a home, depending on market fluctuations, you may end up losing money or at the very least.

    How many people in NYC don’t own a car? That’s another new expense to factor with moving to CA.

  13. Nicholas Post says

    from what I heard, from a source I forgot, was that 40% of current DC employees decided to stay in NYC.

    My question regarding “40%”, are they artists, writers, etc…

    Then, what will DC 2015 lineup look like?

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