To Do tonight: Retrofit Comics Release Signing with Pat Aulisio, Josh Bayer, and Box Brown

It’s all happening at Jim Hanley’s Universe. Retrofit Comics is Box Brown’s line of pamphlet/floppies that is bringing the periodical back to the indie comics world. Some releases thus far:






  1. Directly after, just down the block:

  2. Cheese, you’re killing me. I’m bummed to miss the release (getting to town at 830ish) and now I’m going to miss the Jam, too (i gotta get out to Bed-Stuy). Sooooooo sad. Uh, well… see everyone tomorrow in Brooklyn!!!

  3. jacob goddard says:

    Everyone should go to this and throw money, cupcakes, and women at them.

  4. I’m not part of the event, but…God, I’m so happy to be a part of Retrofit. They’re publishing some super cool shit!

  5. James, wait til you read Josh’s book. I’ll send u one this week.

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