To Do Tonight: Henry & Glenn Forever Release Party

Come out and party with the boys from Igloo Tornado tonight as they celebrate the release of a brand spankin’ new Henry & Glenn Forever mini from Microcosm Publishing at LA comics shop The Secret Headquarters. Here’s the deets:

We’re Baaaaaaaack!

“You wanted the best, You got the best: Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever! This next song’s about lickin’!” – Paul Stanley

We’re having a release party for the ALL NEW comic book mini-series Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever! Continuing the exploits from the I…gloo Tornado’s infamous first book that paired Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig as “room mates” and Hall & Oates as your friendly neighborhood Satanists.

Come get the first issue signed by the artists and see the art show with new Henry & Glenn comics and art by Tom Neely, Ed Luce, Benjamin Marra, Scot Nobles, Eric Yahnker, Coop, and Keenan Marshal Keller.



  1. Paulo says:

    Somewhere out there Glenn Danzig’s head is exploding with rage. Somewhere else Henry Rollins is drinking coffee, not giving a shit.

  2. Already happened. There’s a strip online outlining Danzig’s opinion of the book, as asked by an interviewer sometime last year I think. Pretty sure Tom still sells prints of it as a poster.

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