To do tonight: Brooklyn Four at Rocketship

Cliff Chiang, Julia Wertz, Dash Shaw…that is what we call eclectic. It only adds up to Three, but who cares?


  1. Really wish I could go to this… too much on the list!

  2. alex cox says:

    It’s number Four, as in Fourth Annual …

    You so silly!

  3. It was excellent. Really wish I hadn’t missed it the previous 2 years, but number 4 made it up in spades.

  4. I'm a Genius! says:

    So many handsome gentlemen as well — namely that Ronald Wimberly and Jared Fletcher! RAWR!

  5. Great party, Alex! Wish I’d had a chance to talk with you more.

  6. “gentlemen”, really?
    -Jared, tell your girlfriend to stop gassing a kid on the message boards.

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