To do 8/6: Grant Morrison at Isotope


Isotope Comics in San Francisco is hosting a MASSIVE epic this Saturday with Grant Morrison as he winds down his SUPERGODS tour. The event includes an all-ages signing from 2-5, followed by a night-time hangout that features the amazing lo-ball glasses designed by Cameron Stewart and Sonia Harris, designer of BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER.


Grant Morrison @ Isotope
Saturday, August 6th 2011
All Ages Signing: 2 – 5pm
21+ Party: 8pm – Midnight



  1. joe.distort says:

    oh shit i want one of these for my weekly wednesday whiskey and limes. like REALLLLLL bad.

  2. I’ll see if I can smuggle a second one out, Joe.

  3. Brian Spence says:

    Simply badass. I would love that shot glass too.

    As an aside, plunked down $20 for the All Star Superman blu-ray. One of the best cartoons ever. Bruce Timm and Morrison is a good combo (love how Timm tried to mimic Quitely’s art). The disc has an interview with Grant and commentary with Timm and Morrison. I had no idea Grant drew. Loved it so much I’ve got the Absolute hardcover coming my way tomorrow. Again, simply badass. Hope he comes over to the east coast.

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