TINY TITANS is coming back—kids at DC are okay again

TINY TITANS by Art Baltazar and Franco launched their kids line that was a welcome break from the grim ‘n’ gritty of the main line for a while, but despite engaging kids and their parents, it was canceled after 50 issues. (I still gets friends with kids asking me if I can get copies of it for their young readers.)

But now it’s on its way back, as shown by the above tweet from Franco.

Baltazar and Franco have become a cottage industry of their own since the first TITANS gig, with variants for Hellboy and Dynamite, and their own Aw Yeah line of all-ages comics. While the exact nature of the TINY TITANS return hasn’t been revealed, it’s another sign that DC is looking to widen their demographic.



  1. Beat Staff says

    Excellent news! My kids LOVE Tiny Titans (and really, anything by Balthazar and Franco).

  2. majorjoe23 says

    I hope they reprint the collections. A few of them are getting pricey.