TINY TITANS is coming back—kids at DC are okay again

TINY TITANS by Art Baltazar and Franco launched their kids line that was a welcome break from the grim ‘n’ gritty of the main line for a while, but despite engaging kids and their parents, it was canceled after 50 issues. (I still gets friends with kids asking me if I can get copies of it for their young readers.)

But now it’s on its way back, as shown by the above tweet from Franco.

Baltazar and Franco have become a cottage industry of their own since the first TITANS gig, with variants for Hellboy and Dynamite, and their own Aw Yeah line of all-ages comics. While the exact nature of the TINY TITANS return hasn’t been revealed, it’s another sign that DC is looking to widen their demographic.




  1. Beat Staff says:

    Excellent news! My kids LOVE Tiny Titans (and really, anything by Balthazar and Franco).

  2. Interesting comics, Tiny Titans AND Teen Titans GO.

  3. majorjoe23 says:

    I hope they reprint the collections. A few of them are getting pricey.