TINTIN as you’ve never seen him before!

In Welsh!


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    Big deal… Asterix is available in 107 languages, including American English, Esperanto, and Gaelic.

    What’s even more incredible is that every NAME is a pun (not to mention the wordplay in each volume). Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge deserve a special Eisner Award for translation!

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    Welsh is not an actual language. It’s a practical joke originally invented by drunk Linguistics grad students trying to play Scrabble with a set of tiles assembled from a few incomplete sets.

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    We have a Tintin comic in Esperanto. It used to annoy the kids no end when they were first learning to read.

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    Jason, isn’t it a little hypocritical to criticise, say, Sacha Baron Cohen on a number of occasions for mocking the Kazakhs, then to turn round and have an unwarranted crack at the Welsh and their language?

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    You know what, please disregard the above comment. I’m sorry, I think I was feeling a little defensive and over-reactionary this morning.

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    The article on translating the names into Cymraeg is interesting, although I feel it’s probably a bit of a babel too far to translate “Thompson.” Plenty of Welsh with that name.

    Having said that, apparently the Welsh invented =. So, you know, go for it.

    I live close enough to the Welsh border that all the signs on the trains are bilingual – as are some of the passengers.


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