Time Warner: we hate you to death

Still no cable (tv or internet) at Stately Beat Manor! And Time Warner has no idea why. There was an “outtage” in the area on Tuesday. But our cable box and modem appear to have been fried. However, they have some technicians — shown here in a staff photo – coming out tonight, we’re told.

A bit of sad googling on our phone revealed that the phrase we keep seeing on our TV (acquiring application information) could have something to do with a Cisco software issue.



  1. says

    Sorry to read about this holiday digital disaster.

    The Hobbit trailer was great (btw)!

    And we only have to wait a year to actually see the movie.


  2. Snikt Snakt says

    I have Time Warner in Queens, so I feel your pain. Good luck getting service back soon!!!

  3. Torsten Adair says

    You missed it? Wow, that sucks. It was soooo cool! }]

    If Starbucks saps your spirit, then try any New York Public Library. I personally like the Library of the Performing Arts, but any branch will have wi-fi. The bathrooms are cleaner as well.

    If you want some scenery, then try the skating rink at Bryant Park. The park has wi-fi, plus you might get a signal from the library. Battery life is a concern, though.

    This might be helpful:

  4. Serhend Sirkecioglu says

    Cable providers are sort of like Galactus, an all powerful consumer of money that goes by many names in different areas (back home in Western MA its called Comcast).

  5. mark says

    time warner ia horrible. i am enduring one of there 20 plus hours of internet outage in Manhattan..6/30/2012. i have switched to Verizon

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