Time for Thor to “play the game?”

IGN.com has a story about the upcoming THOR movie, which just had STARDUST’S Matthew Vaughn sign on as director. But who will play the Norse God?

The story says that Marvel is interested in getting WWE star (and Vince McMahon son-in-law) Triple H (Paul Levesque) to play the part. You may remember that a few years ago, Triple H was in BLADE: TRINITY and was a candidate to play everyone’s favorite barbarian in the not-yet-made KING CONAN.

Movies starring wrestlers have not fared well in recent times. WWE created their own film division to feature some of the stars (John Cena, Steve Austin), but not of the films have been successful. The Rock has been a couple Hollywood hits, but in a supporting role.

How would the “King of Kings” do as “The God of Thunder?” Well, he’s got long hair, lots of muscles and already carries around a hammer. It sounds like he’s already on his way.

You be the judge.

Marvel Thor Triple H

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. says

    HA HA! I used to watch Wrestling and it never occured to me that HHH has swung a hammer around in the ring a few times! I don’t think he has the chops to play a norse god. Definitely could look the part, but he couldn’t keep up the accent and form of speech.

    Back when HHH debuted, he was Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who was a rich snobby character. That’s as close as HHH will come to speaking like Thor.

    But who the hell else could play thor? Anyone know any buff, huge actors out there?

  2. says

    I think it’d be great. I can hear him now, as he swings his hammer. “I don’t think so, jack off!” and “You never saw it coming!” Hey, will a spit water?

  3. Sphinx Magoo says

    I don’t know…

    Thor was known for his nobility as well as for his ability to kick butt.

    Just ’cause someone’s got long hair and muscles doesn’t mean he can play Thor. If that were the case, then I’d be a shoe-in to play Odin with my white hair and beard!

  4. says

    You know… When are we going to get some superhero cross overs in the movies. I mean, if we can have Freddy Vs. Jason and Aliens Vs. Predator, why not Hulk Vs. Spider-Man, or X-Men teams up with Iron Man, or whatever?

  5. michael says

    Movies need actors!

    Btw, CM, there are many licensing problems with it. ‘Sides, this may still be a little too geeky for the general public to handle. ;)

  6. Jamie says

    I understand that Matthew Vaughn wants ROME’s Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus) for the role. Personally, I’d go with the actor over the beefcake…

  7. Pete Martin says

    Triple H looks a bit Ultimate there.

    Anyway, Thor will probably be CGI and Donald Blake will be played by someone like Jason Biggs. And it’ll turn into a story about growing up.

  8. Ian says

    That DOES sound like Hollywood Pete but the script they are currently using is much different from that.

    Part of me thinks that the look of Thor is the most important thing. If he isn’t totally towering over everyone else, its not really Thor. Plus, its not like Thor requires a llot of range. Yeah he has a formal way of speaking and an accent but when you get down to it he is a Viking and is that really that different from a wrestler?

  9. Brian Spence says

    He looks the part, and who knows if you really need a decent actor in that part. I loved Arnold as Conan, and we know he can’t act at all…

    On another note, I read those preview pages that PW did for the Popeye book coming out in November. I’d never read any of the original strips before. They were excellent!

  10. says

    he looks Godly alright!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing him as Thor in some porn pics, but the movie? shouldn’t he, y’know, act?

  11. says

    HHH is really the obvious choice. And the thing is, HHH can act. He really can. Watch any given night on RAW and he’s playing a role. It’s not one with a lot of range, but he plays it pretty darn well.

    And THE most important thing about Thor is his physicality, and HHH has that in spades.

  12. Ian says

    Loki is the ultimate ham part and anyone could play him. I don’t think he needs to be big or small or anything in particular. Any acting that wants to play way over the top evil/crazy would be a good fit.

  13. Eric says

    Whoever gets the part must have an awesome slouch. He’s got to sit on his throne and have that famous Loki slouch.

  14. Sphinx Magoo says

    You know who’d be cool as Don Blake?
    David Hyde Pierce.

    Whoever gets chosen, I hope the two alter ego actors work out something with the director so that certain motions or reactions (body language, if you will) are shared so that the audience sees that these two actors are playing the same being.

  15. Scott says

    HHH obviously looks the part but so what? I doubt he would be able to act his way out of a paper bag. I think that some minimum standard should be expected. HHH would take a film that already will have the burden of having a less recognizable character to sell and insure that it’ll enjoy no more than B status. I think someone like Viggo Mortensen would be a better choice. Lord of the Rings and Thor have their similarities.

  16. The Eagle says

    I just want to add a correction to that the Rock’s movies have done well. I am not big on the movie business but I know he was the main character in 2 of his movies. Maybe I am misunderstanding it.
    As far as Triple H playing the part.. I think he could do it. Triple H had a part in Blade Trinity and did great. Also the person who stated that wrestling is acting cause you play a role is correct. Wrestlers have to adapt to different roles. Yes it may not be the type of range that a regular would have but its still acting on a regular basis. Triple H has gone from a evil bad guy to a humorous good on tv. So I think he could do it.

  17. NESTOR says

    HHH would be great to play thor in the upcoming movie…but incase he doesnt get the part he would be terrific to play conan in the not-yet-made upcoming movie..because for those wrestling fans out there i think it was wrestlemania 22 he made a special entrance in his match and he was dressed up as conan he even had the big throne and all his symbols that represent him and he actually didnt look that bad dressed as conan….so i think HHH will be a good pick for any of the both movies

  18. Furious D says

    Triple is perfect for the role in appearance but i have no idea if he can act in a leading role like thor. Thor just seems like a very demanding role all around. but hey- all hes really gotta do is say something about his hammer, being god of thunder, and throw son of odin in there somewhere and ill be happy!

  19. H.Helmsley says


  20. Looie says

    Triple H is great for this movie he has the look, the character, and yrs he can act, he’s been doing it in WWE for the past decade,
    love im or hate him he is the right guy time to play THOR!!!

  21. says

    James Preston Rogers as Thor!

    To: Marvel Studios This is a petition for all Thor fans alike to show their support for actor James Preston Rogers and let Marvel know that we want James Preston Rogers to be Thor in the upcoming Thor and Avengers movies! James Preston Rogers is an experienced actor that has the stature, the talent, and the presence to portray The God of Thunder the way He is meant to be portrayed on the big screen.


    Sign petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/Thor2009/petition.html

    James been acting for several years now and just starting to hit his stride. He has had the privilage of doing all my own stunts, and having worked with top stars such as Jim Caviezel, Ron Perlman, Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg.

    James will be featured in the film “OUTLANDER” in theaters this Fall directed by Howard McCain.

    You can check out his IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2286416/

    Check out James myspace page:

  22. TheFlash says

    Has anyone else given any thought to the awesome possibility that the techno viking that graces those videos on youtube might be an awesome thor? Especially if by now he has stopped raving and bulked up. I also would appreciate Eomer from Lord of the rings although so far his venture into vikingdom hasn’t been pretty.

  23. jon says

    needs to be Karl Urban.. Played a simular role in LOTR and he is an obsure enough choice to create a buzz.

  24. jon says

    needs to be Karl Urban.. Played a simular role in LOTR and he is an obsure enough choice to create a buzz.

  25. jon says

    needs to be Karl Urban.. Played a simular role in LOTR and he is an obsure enough choice to create a buzz.

  26. Arthur the King says

    James preston would be a good choiçe or nathan jones.but nathan jones it is not an actor that could pull this off but he shure has the looks of a powerfull warrior.

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