This week in PW Comics Week:

Actress Mia Kirshner talks with Laura Hudson about I LIVE HERE.

Van Jensen learns more of IDW’s G.I. Joe plans.

AFRO SAMURAI makes is manga debut, Kai-Ming Cha reports.

Peter Sanderson looks at Wacky Packages, Gary Gianni’s Prince Valiant and more.

Brian Wood talks about his very busy 2008 with Wil Moss.

• An EXCLUSIVE 13-page excerpt from NOTHING NICE TO SAY.

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  1. michael says

    wow, I have to say…with all the mean spirited teen-esque things going on in Hollywood, and in regard to Ms. Kirshner, that sounds like a really good thing she’s doing. Or was it really good PW editing?….

    Either way I’d be more than happy to check out this new enterprise by her. :)

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