This was once thought of as a way to increase comics readership

Via Gavin Jasper

But…The circle of life!



  1. Joe B says

    Billy Ray’s chest looks a little weird, did Rob Liefield do the cover, or is his Captain America the Marvel standard for profile shots?

  2. says

    I had two separate 15 minute arguments with a deal at New York Comic Con bargaining over the Billy Ray book. He wanted $5, I wanted to pay $3.

    In the end, I won, and then everybody lost.

  3. Tom Spurgeon says

    I’m proud to be working near an industry that knows how best to utilize a great talent like Dan Barry.

  4. Tyson D. says

    I still think that mullets are an untapped resource that the comic industry has yet to properly take full advantage of.

  5. mister slim says

    Why is it that Billy Ray’s cover is the one showing all the cleavage?

  6. says

    Were Thor and Billy Ray somehow tricked or trapped into switching places? Because that looks like a really mean Executioner rushing towards him.

    Damn that infernal Loki.



  7. michael says

    Steve Flack = does not know what to bargain for. ;P

    chart3030, what the hell are you talking about? O.o

    mister slim, maybe that’s a pic of her when she was underaged. Pervert.

  8. James says

    Argh. Have they ever taken a second picture of Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, other than the one where she looks like a zombie cam whore? That photo always freaks me out, especially when I walk through toy sections and she’s doing that rictus of death grin from every other package on the shelf…

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