This is bigger than the both of us

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog reviews perhaps the worst comic of all time, and a new catch phrase — at least for this morning’s Twitter, is born.


  1. dave golbitz says:


  2. Seriously? Couldn’t stop laughing. The Haunted Vaginas will be playing the lounge circuit near you soon…

  3. Is this how Samantha Brown manages to stay perky even at the lamest vacation destination?

  4. Okay… I hereby nominate “Samantha Brown” as a catchphrase to utter when confronted with a situation that boggles the mind, makes you wonder “WTF” and / or where was the editor, or laugh at loud at the sheer worstage depicted.

    Of course, I will have to read it in context to get a full understanding of what the artist and writer were attempting to convey. Possibly read it more than once. Study how the text interacts with the artwork, how the characters are depicted, the usual deconstruction. (And yes, I don’t do it often, otherwise I would go blind. I already wear glasses, albeit not the ones with green tinted lenses.)

  5. Still better than Wall-E.

  6. I swear Johnny Ryan already did a haunted vagina story.

  7. Patrick, and here I was thinking, at least no one could say he lifted that idea off someone else. Wow, man. Just… wow.

  8. You ruined Sims’ best bit for the link? Shame on you, Heidi.

  9. Bill Scurry says:

    Wait, I thought it was the ass that was haunted?

  10. Margaret Cho did an episode of her terrible pseudo-reality sitcom on VH1 about her vagina being haunted.

  11. The Beat says:

    Huh? I through I was quoting Jimmy Buffett. I need to get out more.

  12. Tony Bedard says:

    I don’t think you spoiled the review at all, Heidi. In fact, that panel compelled me to follow the link, and I have not laughed that hard for ages. Frankly, I thought the bleeding nurses were even funnier.

  13. cbrown says:

    I have to say, having watched too many Samantha Brown vacation shows on the Travel Channel for my own good, having seen them makes that panel EVEN FUNNIER!

  14. The Beat says:

    Dirk, I guess you’re not on Twitter.

  15. michael says:


    Hysterical!!! :D LOL!!

    There is a reason why I too, gave up on that comic a loooooong time ago. ;)

  16. Remember that old DC war comic, THE HAUNTED VAGINA? I wonder if they’ll collect it one day.

  17. The movie version of this issue will replace the “Haunted Vagina” with a nuclear bomb destroying New York.

  18. C’mon Neil – you’ll have to do better than that. Why don’t you just throw in Sgt Rock Hard and Easily Laid Co. while you’re at it??



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