The Venture Bros. Shirt Club announced

The Venture Bros. – The Amazing Shirt of the Week Club:
Venture Bros Season 3 arrives JUNE 1! And so does Shirt Club!


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  1. says

    Sweet! Thanks for the pointer Heidi, I’m so tempted to get this. . .and then I saw what the first tee-shirt was and I caved in.

  2. Caged Wisdom says

    Amazing idea, but I have to say they didn’t think it through very clearly if they’re not offering 3x sizes.

  3. says

    My only complaint is that I wish they’d have announced it sooner; $240 is kind of a chunk of change for some of us to spare on the spur of the moment.

  4. Nick Y says

    I bought the whole lot. I haven’t looked back yet. I’m kinda proud to be a venture fan since it’s premiering on adult swim… Just wanna say love the show, and the Guild of Calamatous Intent shirt I have already recieved.

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