The Summer of Valiant Countdown

Valiant is releasing some teaser images for its relaunch this summer, and here’s X-O MANOWAR.

SummerOfValiant 001 The Summer of Valiant Countdown

Cover by ESAD RIBIC (MAR121221)
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by CARY NORD (MAR121222)
Variant Cover by DAVID AJA (MAR121223)


  1. Exciting stuff. Looking forward to that Cary Nord artwork too.

  2. LukeCage says:

    Is the corner box missing graphics or something? It’s so… bare

  3. joe.distort says:

    are these actually solicited? my shop couldnt find info. i want to know how much these cost

  4. Joe, they’re in the new Previews from last week. $3.99 an issue, unfortunately.

  5. joe.distort says:

    ah, it was before the newest Previews so that makes sense.

    and BALLS to $4

  6. Snikt Snakt says:

    re: $4 price tag

    Kiss the days of $3 independant comics good bye…

    I loved the Valiant era of XO, I may check this out if the word of mouth is good on it…

  7. MBunge says:

    I will not pay $4 for Marvel or DC super-hero titles. I’ll give smaller publishers a look at that price point, but you’ve got to be damn good to keep me around. For example, I’m still reading IRREDEEMABLE but bailed on INCORRUPTIBLE after just 2 issues.


  8. Snikt Snakt says:

    “For example, I’m still reading IRREDEEMABLE ”

    Not for long you won’t, Irredeemable has been cancelled, only a few more issues to go… :-(

  9. Rick Hood says:

    The cover is very nice! However, I’m beyond being sold by a cover. Show me three or four interior pages and then maybe I’ll get interested. Granted I know who Cary Nord is and have some of his past work, but artists can and due modify their styles to fit the story they are telling.

    As for prices, I think that Image has some of the best books going today and many of then are only $2.99.(Morning Glories, Walking Dead, Glory, Chew, etc). So if books of that caliber can be published for $2.99, there is no reason to pay Marvel or DC $3.99 for their 32 page publications.

  10. Matthew Southworth says:

    @Rick Hood–not defending Marvel and DC prices, but just wanted to point out that the Image books are generally produced with no upfront payment to the creators, whereas Marvel and DC pay the best rates in the business.

    So while I applaud your choice of Image comics (and hopefully other indie books as well), it’s important to know that part of the reason for higher prices on mainstream books may be attributable to paying the creators, money which often permits them (us) to do creator-owned books with Image.

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