The Spirit of the Season


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  1. That’s the best cover of Banshee you could find? The cover to his first appearance in X-MEN (Vol. 1) #28 is more visually striking, IMHO.

    And where’s Banshee’s daughter Siryn from X-Factor? Or DC’s Jack O’Lantern and Silver Banshee?

  2. Why lets add The Shamrock while we’re at it……cringe.

    Nice one for adding in the Father Ted photo. Speakin’ o which…

    La Fhéile Pádraig Heidi!


  3. Ed Sizemore says:

    What?! No Van Morrison?

  4. Gary Esposito says:

    Friends took me to see Ardal O’Hanlon last week at the Irish Arts Center in Hell’s Kitchen (not Clinton). Over an hour of great standup from a very funny man.

  5. I saw a guy reading a Preacher trade on the B train this morning. :)

  6. My own thoughts about the day in the form of an editorial cartoon:

  7. No Thin Lizzy? How shameful!

  8. ShutUpRob says:

    What about Shamrock from Contest of Champions?

  9. jacob lyon goddard says:

    needs more Pogues

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