The Sequential Graphic Novel App Is Now Available Worldwide

Sequential, the graphic novel app store which launched in the UK earlier this year, is now available globally. Panel Nine announced the launch last week, also noting that they’ve added a number of other publishers and creators to their steadily-growing list of graphic novels.


The app, which revels in the majority of comics and shuns superheroes as a general policy, is live now and can be found over here. Along with announcing the app moving beyond the UK and Ireland, publishers Panel Nine also announced that several new comics are now available through the service:

  • Tabella Comics
  • Great Beast Comics
  • Gilbert Shelton

Along with already available titles from companies including Blank Slate, SelfMadeHero, Walker Books, Myriad and others. A digital marketplace for users to download and read on their iPad. In a recent interview with DigitalSpy, CEO Russell Willis has said that he is talking with publishers about making the comics on Sequential DRM-free.

The press release also says that the company will soon be bringing Jonathan Cape’s works to the service, which’d include books by the likes of Posy Simmonds and Raymond Briggs.


  1. Mel m says

    Why always go IOS first? android is just as big now. It’s discriminitory.

  2. Superboy Prime says

    I’m loyal to Comixology but I might give this a shot when it turns up on Android.

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