The real highlight of the Baltimore Con

By Mark Coale

Sure, we published our first issue in [cough] years and it was great to see old friends and discuss not being able to watch either the England or US matches with FMB, but can anything really top finding this book in a 50-cent bin?

So great for all the wrong reasons.


  1. Dave Miller-lad says

    My favorite moment at Balit-con was when I was looking at the $1 bin. I saw an old Iron Man guest-starring Sunfire (coverprice 30 cents)

    I really wanted it but put it back to consider if it was worth the con-budget. As I was thinking, a young boy about 12, came by and saw the comic and instantly picked it up.

    I am so glad that that boy got that comic and not me.

  2. says

    Great cover. I LOVE old romance comics. I have the classic EC Modern Love, Moon Girl Romance and Saddle Girl Romance collections in hardback (with slipcase). Brilliant stuff.

  3. Torsten Adair says

    Given the coloring, that Native American beauty is probably a space alien.

    My ($5) guilty pleasure? A Hanna-Barbera Globetrotters comic where they meet feuding hillbillies. H’yup. Turns out the story is sexist (marrin’ off a homely lass) and not racist at’all.

    Hmmm… lots of wandering cartoons in the 70s. Globetrotters, Scooby-Doo, Addams Family…

  4. says

    There are few things better then finding a cheap, unexpected gem at a comic con.

    That may be revealing more about my sad life than intended.

  5. michael says

    WHy must the Blondes always be fightin’ with the dark hair colored women!!!!??!!!

    hehe. :D

  6. says

    What does she mean she’s not his kind? They’re both obviously hippies.

    I take that back. The dark-haired lady is clearly a late 1920’s flapper.

  7. mark coale says

    having now actually read the issue, the funny thing is that the book is set in the present, not in “the old west.”

    the other gem in the issue is a quiz entitled “Do You Only Lend Your Love?” about how you feel about your boyfriend. And the quiz has already been taken by a previous owner.

  8. Dave Ziegler says

    So Mark, where (or how, I guess) can I get the new issue of Odessa Steps if I didn’t go to Baltimore?

  9. Al says

    My guess for the cover artist of #138 is Carmine Infantino with Vince Colletta as inker.

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