The music/comics connection

You may enjoy this piece in the LA Times covering musicians who make comics, including Zak Sally (above) Archer Prewitt, and Gerard Way. There are a few obvious names missing, like James Kochalka, and a few more obscure ones, like Carson van Osten, who quit Todd Rundgren’s band, The Nazz, in 1969 for a busy career writing Donald Duck comics. How did that one happen, anyway?


  1. Shawn Williams says

    Eisner winner Nate Powell of Swallow Me Whole, just returned from a 2 week tour with his band…

  2. says

    How could they forget Coheed & Cambria? Their albums are practically comic books set to music, and they did a tie-in comic called The Amory Wars for Image.

  3. michael says

    Not a long enough, detailed enough article. Only scratched the surface of the comics/music connection.

  4. says

    Joe Matt showed me his jam sketchbooks when I was last in LA and they’re filled with comics jams he did with musician Aimee Mann. She can draw pretty well, too.

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