The Most Unusual Cosplay You’ll See Today

By Todd Allen

The following photo is not a drawing.  It’s a person.

That’s  Anastasiya Shpagina.  She spends 2 hours every day applying makeup to look like an anime character.  And you have to admit, she _does_ look like an anime character.  This isn’t just for conventions, though.  It’s every day.  She’s contemplating surgery to help make the look permanent.

MTV Geek has a little more on it and a few more pictures.

I imagine this would get double-takes even at a comic convention.  I can barely imagine what reactions it would get walking down the street on a typical Tuesday afternoon, but that’s apparently what she does.  She’s certainly spending a lot of time on her craft.


  1. Al™ says:

    Wow, so sad.

  2. Me in 9th grade would have found this attractive and my present self would go back in time and punch said 9th grade self in the face.

  3. just read the mtv geek article and the health risks to achieve this look on a permanent basis sounds risky at best and down right dangerous at worst. hopefully someone close to this young woman will try and talk her out of taking that course of action or she won’t find a plastic surgeon willing to make such drastic changes to her face and body (but i wouldn’t count on that).

  4. Chris Rice says:

    I still don’t believe this isn’t photo-shopped. The same photos have appeared in every article I’ve seen, I’d need to see video before I can believe it’s true.

  5. Kevin says:

    Thanks. This will now haunt my dreams forever.

  6. Snikt Snakt says:

    This reminds me of that guy in the Philipines (IIRC) who got extensive plastic surgery to look like the Man of Steel…


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