The Hero Initiative seeks Ed Hannigan art

The Hero Initiative wants your Ed Hannigan art! Hannigan is a prolific artist from the late ’70s on, with work on such titles as THE DEFENDERS, GREEN ARROW, and SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN. He’s just returned to comics with some covers for CAPTAIN ACTION.

The Hero Initiative is putting together an Ed Hannigan art exhibit to be shown at a museum in early 2010! As Ed has kept only a few of his own originals…we need your help!

If you have any Ed Hannigan art you can loan us for the exhibit, please contact Jim McLauchlin at: . We’d need to get the art in-hand by December 15, and can return it to you by April 30.


  1. says

    For Ed Hannigan’s next Captain Action cover, we asked him to destroy, smash, obliterate or mutilate our cover logo – all in a creative way, of course. He always seemed the master of doing!
    So- wait till he see his next one- I think it’s slated for Captain Action Season 2 issue #3.

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