The Goon vs. Dethklok

031709 Goon Vs Dethklok
MTV’s Splash Page blog has a fantastic cover for perhaps the most unexpected — but delightful — crossover of all: Eric Powell’s THE GOON vs. DETHKLOK, the world’s greatest metal band.


  1. I’d pay more to see THE GOON versus Monster Magnet. But I’m probably alone in that.

  2. J. Evan says:

    I totally misread that as “The Goon vs Deathlok,” and thought there was going to be a Marvel crossover.

  3. Not really a big Goon fan, but yeah, this I’ll buy.

  4. Maybe this will pave the way for other Adult Swim/Dark Horse crossovers.

    I can see it now: Assy McGee guest starring in the next big Sin City epic!



  5. Umbrella Academy meets the Oblongs, Harvey Birdman defending Hellboy, and Buffy stabbing that horrible Xavier the Renegade Angel to death with many many knives will also be acceptable.

    And Home Movies meets Conan, of course.

  6. Jamie says:

    You’re not alone, Matt. “The Ballad of Franky and Dave”, perchance?

  7. J. Evan,
    Yeah, you’re not alone on that one…still, this looks fun.

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