The Comics Reporter has returned

Since going on a nearly month long hiatus from blogging, Tom Spurgeon has left indie comics readers in serious withdrawal from golden age comics reprints, indie comics art dumps, old photos of cartoonists doing things, and of course, insightful commentary. Luckily as of today Tom is back to blogging today, with a San Diego preview, and a look at why it may have been time for the Xeric to go. Sadly, the elements that caused the hiatus have also prevented him from making the San Diego trip, but we’re sure that he’ll give better coverage from afar than most of us could do from the ground.


  1. says

    Comixace And just what mysterious “elements” knocked good ol’ Tommy boy out of circulation, Heidi? Did he maybe have some STURGE-ry?

  2. bad wolf says

    You are so much nicer to him than he comes across on comments here.

    Point, Beat.

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