Update 15: Ivan Brandon returns to Image with his new book with Nic Klein Drifter out in November. Discussing a future of expansion beyond Earth about the dirty hands it takes to build the future – moving away from the notion of space being a clean and shiny place. It tells the story when you decouple humanity from the rigid and technologically-based world and back into a frontier setting.

I’ll give you…the drift. – Ivan Brandon

Update 16: Kurt Busiek, now with Image, bringing Tooth & Clawl with Ben Dewey and Jordie Bellaire and it looks hand-down gorgeous. A high-fantasy epic about animal-people. There’s globe-conquering boarding school of dogs, so we’re sold. Jack Vance meets Jack Kirby, says Kurt Busiek. The book should hit November.
Update 17: Declan Shalvey comes up to discuss his new book with previous collaborators Warren Ellis and Jordie Bellaire called InjectionJoined by Warren Ellis via Skype as he “hears all and sees all.” It looks wonderfully slick – we loved this team on Moon Knight and couldn’t be more pumped about this. Coming 2015.

Warren Ellis said he wanted to write a book for me and I reluctantly said yes. – Declan Shalvey

Update 18: Tula Lotay, artist on Supreme: Blue Rose joins Warren, Declan, and Eric on stage to discuss her new release. This is her first series and it is one of the most stunning debuts we’ve seen.
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