The Angry Birds of Prey

And as we head off to the weekend….via Tyler Walpole at The Gutters


  1. let me see if i got this straight. they can rebuild arms, legs, and a torso for vic stone (cyborg), build a new arm for arsenal, but can’t do a damn thing to fix barbara gordon’s spine? why not? cute pic, lady blackhawk looks like an angry egg with a beak.

  2. *face-palm* angry birds is such a one trick pony

  3. Xenos says:

    Oh look… the debate over Babs’s legs… again.. for the.. ugh. Look, long story short, best answer I heard is that Babs said she didn’t want special treatment and access to tech to fix her disability unless said tech is available to everyone with disability.

    Meanwhile.. I rather am neutral to Angry Birds. A bit sick of the hype, but when I tried it on a friends phone it was pretty damn fun with a neat design. Forget what old game it reminds me of.

    Also this weekend at an anime con, I saw two Birds of Prey in the crowds. A Canary and a Lady Blackhawk. That was pretty awesome.

  4. Angry Birds deserves its hype in my opinion. It’s a dang good video game. I’m glad that people are excited about something that is quality.

  5. Snikt Snakt says:

    Pretty funny, its too bad the comic its based on is currently unreadable…

  6. @xenos: not so much start a debate as i wasn’t sure what the story was with barbara gordon’s condition and why she hasn’t taken advantage of the tech available in the DCU. thanks for the lowdown.

  7. falyas slalu setia says:

    jln ayni blok k1o gg pawan permai mas 3

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