The absolute COOLEST swag at NYCC: Paul Pope messenger bag for The Project Solution

Have you ever wish you could be stylish AND help save the world all at the same time? If only such a thing was possible, you thought. And if only I could do it at New York Comic Con.

Well, now you can. The Project Solution, the non-profit organization headed by Joe Gonzalez (known to the comics world as the former co-host of Comic News Insider) is making available limited edition Paul Pope messenger bags at the show. When you make a $30 donation to The Project Solution (or $32 credit card) you receive the bag as a premium.

The Project Solution is a non-profit organization that takes on simple, achievable projects that makes a difference for the people involved: a well in a village, a sanitation system, a roof. Simple things improve people’s lives.

And by making a donation you’ll not only get this limited edition bag, you’ll be helping.

Exclusive: Limited edition Paul Pope messenger bags at NYCC!

The non-profit organization The Project Solution (founded by Joe Gonzalez, producer of Comic News Insider) will be offering a limited edition messenger bag featuring original art by Paul Pope.  Each bag will be numbered and hand signed by Pope.  There is a limit of one bag per person and they available exclusively at the Comic News Insider table #3350 located in the Podcast Arena.  Come by the CNI table to see the full artwork and get your hands on this one-of-a-kind item before they’re gone!

We have only a few teaser images of the bag image for now — check back tomorrow for a fuller version and more info!




  1. Henry Barajas says

    SOLD. At the SDCC CBLDF art auction three pieces of his art work rasied 9K.

  2. says

    The Project Solution recently installed a water system for a school in rural India– first time for these kids to have working sanitation at their school…it’s a good cause….

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