The 100 most prolific DC Comics writers

201108021129.jpgWhat writer has made the biggest contribution to the many universes of DC? Now that question can be answered, at least in terms of volume. Jason Kirk has been playing with the Grand Comic Database and come up with a list of the top 100 DC Comics writers by page count. You’ll need to go to the full link, but here’s the top 20 for arguments sake and some of Kirk’s talking points:

The most prolific DC writer of all time is Robert Kanigher who is responsible for 3.5% of all DC’s original output across their entire 75-years. Second to him is Gardner Fox. Together they are responsible for more than 5% of DC’s entire output.
The most prolific DC female writer of all time is Gail Simone at No 42. Other women on the list include Dann Thomas (No. 57), Louise Simonson (No. 66), and Devin Grayson (No. 68).
The most prolific DC writer to start working after the Golden Age is Chuck Dixon at No. 3.
The newest writer on the list is Matthew Sturges who appears at No. 61.
The writers with the earliest start dates are Jerry Siegel and Sheldon Mayer who both have credits dating back to 1935.

Kirk cautions that the GCD methodology is nt 100% accurate but this certainly provides a good snapshot.

Rank Name Pages Pages % Stories Issues First Date
1 Robert Kanigher 30287 3.51 2843 1917 1945
2 Gardner Fox 17545 2.03 1857 997 1937
3 Chuck Dixon 15329 1.77 659 634 1991
4 Geoff Johns 13803 1.60 638 596 1999
5 Marv Wolfman 13415 1.55 638 587 1968
6 Gerry Conway 12117 1.40 708 611 1969
7 Denny O’Neil 11972 1.39 591 567 1968
8 Keith Giffen 11686 1.35 530 485 1982
9 Bob Haney 11084 1.28 1071 764 1955
10 Cary Bates 10917 1.26 653 598 1964
11 Mark Waid 10912 1.26 530 459 1985
12 Doug Moench 10546 1.22 519 412 1973
13 Grant Morrison 10216 1.18 425 422 1988
14 Alan Grant 10164 1.18 436 397 1987
15 John Ostrander 9220 1.07 452 394 1986
16 Bill Finger 8824 1.02 881 675 1939
17 Jerry Siegel 8325 0.96 890 607 1935
18 Roy Thomas 8304 0.96 392 331 1966
19 John Broome 8238 0.95 864 546 1946
20 Paul Kupperberg 8016 0.93 480 441 1977

Though the most prolific, Kanigher probably has had less actual impact on the DCU as most of his writing was for the war books. Gardner co-created such characters as The Flash, Hawkman and the (OG) Sandman.


  1. Birmy says

    I immediately thought of Chuck Dixon as soon as I saw the headline; it seemed you couldn’t turn around in the ’90s without seeing his name on an ongoing, one-shot, or mini regardless of what DC and Marvel characters were involved. I knew he was prolific, but surprised to see him so high on this list. I know he’s on the outs with the Big 2 these days, but I would love to see his stuff in those universes again.

    Congratulations to Gail, though it says something that she was able to place so high despite only coming to prominence in the last decade.

  2. Bob Hughes says

    Kanigher? Creator of the Black Canary, the Harlequin, the Silver Age Flash, Wonder Girl and the Metal Men? The Injustice Society. Not to mention Rex the Wonder Dog? No impact on the DCU?

    The list also fails to include the most prolific writer of DC comics, the highly ubiquitous and influential “?”.

  3. Justin H. says

    Jesus, Chuck Dixon sure wrote a lotta comics for them.

    And I must have at least 80% of them. :)

  4. NadaMucho says

    Good for Chuck, it’s rare that a writer is both as prolific and as talented as he is.

  5. says

    One tangentially relevant note: as a kid, I didn’t pay any attention to the creative team. I followed characters. Totally dumb, but… I was 10. The first writer I remember actually being aware of and liking and appreciating as a writer was Keith Giffen,
    who I continue to think is totally great.

  6. Roberto Briceno says

    This list doesn’t bother me that much. I’m just glad to see Bill Finger in the top 20. Granted, I he should be a tad higher.

    This is a way better list then the ones that CRB or newsarama have.

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