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Photo courtesy of Big Stock

Okay let’s get down and dirty! As they used to say in AOL chat rooms, a/s check! Who are you???? We need to know.


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  1. Kate Willaert says

    Well, my sign is Cancer. I enjoy candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach…

  2. Alex says

    By the way…you should know these results are guaranteed to be worthless…i.e. the poll is self selecting (those who choose to vote) so there is no reason to believe that you are getting an accurate representation of your readers this way…i.e. it is entirely likely that one gender is more likely to respond to a poll (skewed that way) and that likelihood of responding to a poll varies by age…

  3. says

    Nothing wrong with poll data – even if a percentage skews it. The fact is, *we hope* more people do the right thing and bank on honesty and optimism rather than cynical Internet pessimism. If the latter wins then a poll on The Beat is the least of our worries.

  4. The Beat says

    Pink Apocalypse said it best, Alex, but this is a POLL not a survey. It is unscientific and just a snapshot of those who care enough to take 10 seconds.

  5. says

    That would be nice to see also where people are. Sometimes I am amazed to see for exemple, such a high amount of comments from french readers here.
    Sometimes, when I see the very small amount one indie comics sold in the whole US and how many of my french friend bought it, I think European sells would represent a huge porcentage of the world amount of sales of this specific comic, especially if you balanced it with compared population.

  6. The Beat says

    Xavier, I actually have that information in Google Analytics, and it might be interesting to share.

  7. Al@ says

    I would second the motion to share where your readers are. By country, at least, not the actual street addresses, ha ha
    Right now i presume a 99% USA and 1% other

  8. says

    Heidi: definitely share the location analytics…that’d be fascinating! And besides, wasn’t the old AOL chat thing “a/s/l,” anyways?

  9. Torsten Adair says’s Regional Traffic Ranks
    United States 25,726
    Ukraine 39,600
    Canada 42,173
    United Kingdom 67,381
    India 142,296
    Germany 194,575

    If you peruse the various stats on Alexa, they seem to parallel the poll results. (How does Alexa know a user’s identity?)

  10. Al@ says

    Torsten, by way of the analytics, does that mean The Beat is read only in USA, Canada, UK, Ukraine, India and Germany? Or are those numbers “just” a sampling of relative ranking of the Beat from a few countries?

  11. says

    Torsten: My understanding is that Alexa rankings are from people who volunteer to install an Alexa toolbar on their web browser…basically like accepting a Neilsen box for your internet. As such, I think Alexa gets your demographic information when you sign up for the toolbar.

  12. The Beat says

    If you guys are interested in actual international stats, please wait until I post them from Google.

  13. Tim says

    So, predominantly middle-aged men huh?

    In comic industry speak that means The Beat must soon be gearing up to cater to teenage girls, yeah?

  14. The Beat says

    Tim, right so I guess I’d better start posting about My Little Pony like crazy. Oh wait….

  15. likefunbutnot says

    When I was in college, I had a couple female friends hit me up to be the person who went in the dingy, scary store to buy each of them a, uh, personal massager.

    Now I’m in my late 30s and I have a couple female friends who are still technically teenagers and have me visit a dingy, scary store to buy them Batman, Adventure Time and yes, My Little Pony comics.

  16. Al™ says

    Speaking of embarrassed to be seen buying, My new favourite comic is Multiple Warheads, from Image,, and boy, do I get funny looks in the comic shop when I pick that one up from the pull list. “Wha’ th’???”

  17. says

    If you start posting about My Little Pony you will get a large influx of younger men and maybe some women.

  18. john shableski says

    I would think, if you really want to beef up the female readership, you’d toss in a few pics of a shirtless guy like Hugh Jackman….or Dean Haspiel.
    Wait! Maybe you should publish a beefcake calendar with the Men or Women of Comics. Then again that would be pandering and that would lead us all on the road to hell. Or at least it might be a bicycle path…

  19. says

    Maybe if there was a stronger focus on comics that are popular with females — not necessarily female creators working on comics popular with males.

    Look outside the mainstream. I can tell you for a fact that there are tons of female fans and readers. Most of them don’t frequent the comic shops. You may have better luck looking toward webcomics and indie titles to pull in a larger female demographic.

  20. says

    More manga coverage probably wouldn’t hurt either. There are only 4 posts tagged “manga” in the last 3 months, and only one of them was solely about manga, and that was the Keiji Nakazawa obit.

  21. george says

    Kambrea says: “Look outside the mainstream. I can tell you for a fact that there are tons of female fans and readers. Most of them don’t frequent the comic shops. You may have better luck looking toward webcomics and indie titles to pull in a larger female demographic.”

    That’s what I’ve also observed.

    “More manga coverage would also help.”


  22. Rikk Odinson says

    Godz! I’ve moved up to the 46to55 demographic! Oh, what perfidy this doth be!

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