Take a look at Scott McCloud’s next book!

Scott McCloud has posted all 466 pages of breakdowns for his new graphic novel . But they are so small they won’t give anything away.

Just for fun, here’s a distant screenshot of all 466 pages of my rough draft layouts for my upcoming graphic novel (working title The Sculptor). This is as close as I can bring you right now, but as work goes on in the coming months, I promise to show some actual art.


  1. Looks good even from a low earth orbit view.

  2. Al™ says:

    Well, if we were watching a movie, and those pagepixels were license plate numbers, there would be a techie who could zoom in à la Blade Runner and “enhance” one 3 pixel page image into something crisp and sharp and wall sized.
    But life ain’t a movie.

    So at least we know that McCloud’s GN has a beginning, middle and end.

  3. Cool. If you cross your eyes and focus, you see Abraham Lincoln!

  4. joecab says:

    Geez but Scott is getting sloppy. Look at that typo on p. 247.

  5. I dunno. That canvas looks pretty finite to me.

  6. jacob lyon goddard says:

    oh, that’s funny.
    McCloud continues to innovate, even when it comes to messing with fans.

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