Interview: Former Marvel COO Bill Jemas tells us how to wake the F#ck up

[You can’t run a comics company without making some waves, and the name Bill Jemas still conjures up strong reactions from many who were around when he ran Marvel from 2000-2004. Jemas, along with Joe Quesada, oversaw a period of revolution and rebirth for Marvel as they started the Ultimates line and made many other business changes. Controversial at the time, Ultimization and other bold moves definitely put Marvel back in the game and provided a blueprint for future company-wide changes—as well as making Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar and J. Michael Straczynski household names in households where comics are read.

Rare panty variant cover of Grimm Fairy Tales is a hit on eBay

Zenescope is one of those publishers that hangs around the middle of the pack; they’ve been a it for a while, and if they don’t sell giant numbers or have household name hits, they are still at it, occasionally pacting with Discovery or putting out a kids line or doing something else to expand their line.

But the bread and butter that keeps Zenescope afloat is cheesecake — especially of the variant we like to call “loincloth comics.” It’s like the ’90s “Bad Girl” era never went away for GRIMM FAIRY TALES, their flagship title which features skimpily clad girls thrusting their body parts at various fairy tale based characters on the covers. Sometimes tacky, but harmless.