Frontier Magazine announces new issues devoted to Ping Zhu and Sam Alden

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Youth In Decline’s Frontier Magazine has become an impressive little art magazine showcasing various comics notables. The first two issues spotlighted Uno Morales and Hellen Jo. Sascha Hommer was announced for issue ##, but now the lineup for #4 and 5 has been announced: Brooklyn-based Ping Zhu and fast-rising Sam Alden. Info:

Frontier #3: Sascha Hommer: Feb 2014 
The next issue collects three comics by German cartoonist Sascha Hommer, marking his first English-language publication. Sascha’s comics marry geometric settings, familiar (but alien) cartoony figurines, and heavy tones, summoning an image of Charles Burns and Charles Schultz hanging out in Yuichi Yokoyama’s living room. You don’t know his name yet, but that will change soon.

Translated by Drawn & Quarterly’s talented translator, and hand-lettered by Sascha himself. 32 pages, color and b&w.

Frontier #4: Ping Zhu: April/May 2014 
A monograph featuring new work of Brooklyn illustrator Ping Zhu! Ping is an extremely talented and versatile illustrator with an astounding sense of color and figures, as well as the creator of Ugly Drawings Tumblr. Her illustrations and paintings have been seen in the New York Times, New Yorker, Pushkin Press, and Nobrow Press. Check out Ping’s site for more! 32 pages, color.

Frontier #5: Sam Alden: September 2014 
Sam is one of the most interesting new voices in comics of recent memory, creating kinetic stories that often mix nostalgia and challenging topics with formal / visual experimentation. Frontier #5: Sam Alden will featuring a brand new comic from this rising cartoonist wunderkind. 32 pages, Risograph-printed.

Frontier #6: TBA: November 2014 
The artist will be announced in early 2014!”

Subscription info is available in the first link.

Youth in Decline website debuts

Youth in Decline is another in the exploding field of Risograph-based micro-publisher run by Ryan Sands, perhaps best known for his Umezu-obssessed blog Same Hat and his zine Elecric Ant. Youth in Decline kicks off with Frontier, a new serial anthology where each issue focuses on a single artist.

Frontier is a quarterly art and comics monograph series. Inspired in part by South Korea’s SSE Project and in part by DC Comics “Solo” series, each issue will highlight exciting and challening new work by a single artist. The printing and look of each issue will change to match the style of art.

Frontier is focused on highlighting the work of up-and-coming talent in the North American indie comics scene, to introduce the work of international artists we adore, and to present uncommon dispatches from our favorite creators.

First up the experimental cartoonist Uno Moralez, whose bizarre, unforgettable work has not really been published in the US, if I’m not mistaken.

Youth in Decline has other stuff planned, check out the website for more details. Frontier will debut at TCAF.