The Beat Annual Creator Survey Part Five: Is Star Wars a guilty pleasure?


And so we wrap up this year’s with the last round of replies, and if one thing is clear it’s that a lot of  people are looking forward to a new Star Wars movie. Once again, thanks to everyone who took the time from their busy schedules to respond. Previous parts can be read here: Part […]

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2014 Edition, Part 5 — let’s look at the big picture


Okay this wraps up our annual tradition of surveying all levels of the comics industry for their thoughts on the state of the union. We still have the Comics Industry Person of the Year to announce in a little bit. A few hemes definitely arose from the answers this year: DC’s movie to the west […]

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2014 Edition, Part 4


Here’s part four or our annual comics status report, with contributions from publishers, cartoonist, writers and execs. As usual, lots of news tidbits and previews in the upcoming projects here, Previous parts: Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Be back here tomorrow for the big wind-up!

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2014 Edition, Part 3 — more thoughts on DC moving west


Yep it’s more picks and prognostications, with a few tasty previews thrown in. Ted McKeever, cartoonist 2014 Projects: THE SUPERANNUATED MAN  A new Golden Age format, B&W, 6-issue series from Shadowline/Image, coming out around June/July of 2014. The basic premise of The Superannuated Man is a contemplation on growing old in an unspecified future where […]

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2014 Edition, Part 2


Here’s the second part of our annual look at what’s happened and what happening next for comics. Thanks to everyone for all the time and thought they put into their answers. Part 1 can be found here. Rick Lowell, retailer, show runner 2014 Projects: MeCAF (Maine Comics Arts Festival), May 18, 2014, Portland, ME What was […]

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2014 Edition, Part 1 – Kickstarter, harassment, digital and more


Yep it’s the return of an annual Beat tradition that goes back nearly a decade, as comic folk from every level of the industry — creators, reporters, retailers, publshers—talk about the issues of the year past and look at the issues of the year to come. There are always a lot of thoughtful answers in this survey, but this year a LOT of very important and thought-provoking topics are looked at from crowdfunding to harassment.

And as always, there are previews and news scattered in the 2014 projects. So settle in and enjoy—there is so much more to come.

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2013 Edition, Part Four


Oh yeah it’s the final countdown, as industry professionals from every walk of life pick out the biggest stories an dpersonalities of 2012 and look ahead to what’s in store for 2013, with plenty of news and art sneak peeks strewn along the way. Perviously: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

BTW, if you count up all the “biggest story of 2012″ answers, the most votes went to one partricular story: Karen Berger leaving Vertigo. It was truly the end of an era of comics.

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2013 Edition, Part Three


Yet another installment of our annual massive survey of the industry. Tons of preview artwork and opinions from industry movers and shakers. Please check it out all the way to the end—there’s a lot of thoughtful commentary on where we’ve been and where we might go next. Part One, Part Two

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2013 Edition, Part Two


The yearly wrap up continues as folks from every area of the industry look back and forward and tell you what’s coming up in 2013. Who will live? Who will die? Who will publish a comic book? Read on! Part one can be read here. Chris Ryall, Editor in chief, IDW 2013 Projects: -The Hollows, […]

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2013 Edition, Part One


It’s here! Our look forward and back with the most eclectic group of industry pros on the web, from creators to publishers, editors, librarians, even a journo or two. 2012 was a year bursting with news and accomplishments on many many fronts and no clear consensus emerged as to what the big story was…or will […]

More comics make more “Best Of” lists for 2012


As year-end lists of best continue to come out at a steady clip, graphic novels continue to be represented on lists—not as a special category but as their own thing. And that’s a good thing. § Dan Kois at Slate lists his best books of 2012 and GNs are represented by the award-winning Jim Henson’s […]

The Beat’s Annual Year-End Survey, 2012 edition — Part five — THE BIG FINISH

That’s it — we’re wrapping up our annual look into what’s on the minds of the comic industry — from creators to retailers to publishers. Thanks to all who participated, and thank you for sticking with us. On monday, the results of our COMICS INDUSTRY PERSON OF THE YEAR voting! It’s a close race and you may be surprised at the results.

The Beat’s Annual Year-End Survey, 2012 edition — Part four

MORE sneak peeks! More news! More fearless pulse-taking of the comics industry. What are you waiting for? Dive in.