E3 2016: Media Monday Xbox vs PlayStation (Plus SPIDER-MAN!)


The day before E3 officially kicks off, or as some call it “Media Monday”, always boils down to a competition of sorts between two of the gaming industry’s titans; Microsoft vs. Sony. Every year this battle’s gravity can’t be compared to anything less than a heavyweight prizefight in Vegas. Unlike boxing, it’s ever rarely a draw. […]

Rey Comes to A Star Wars Pinball Game Near You


  Rey may not have made it onto Hasbro’s Boardwalk but next week she’ll be front and center as video game pinball developer Zen Studios releases a pair of new tables based on the mega blockbuster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. First, the Force Awakens table sees Rey, the breakout character of the new Star Wars […]

The Game Awards Shows Off The Walking Dead: Michonne Footage


Just a short time ago at The Game Awards we got the surprise announcement about Telltale Games taking on the world of Batman in 2016. Now they’ve debuted footage from the highly anticipated The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series. “We’ve been hard at work on this very special exploration of The Walking Dead universe that will […]

Batman Arkham Knight Content Detailed Through The End of The Year


Today over on the WB Games Community forums the remainder of Batman: Arkham Knight‘s downloadable content rollout was announced. In addition to new story episodes featuring Robin and a slew of Batman’s villains it was also mentioned that the Catwoman episode originally set for October is delayed to November. The troubled PC version of the game […]

E3 2015: The Week That Was / 100 Exclusive Photos From E3 and Xbox Fan Fest

They don't always fight

The kiosks are torn down, the free shirts are all gone, and the YouTubers are in editing. Yep, another E3 is finally in the books. Now the hard part of waiting for the games on the show floor to find their way to our homes begins.  Now that the gauntlet of bouncing from appointment to appointment […]