Wondercon’16: Talk Back Panel with President John Rogers Discusses LA and Move Back to Anaheim

John Rogers, President of Comic-Con International

By Nicholas Eskey Taking his regular seat in front of the all too familiar line consisting of convention goers, Comic-Con International’s President John Rogers readies himself for the inevitable. The “Talk Back Panel” always signifies the end of a convention, giving the chance for attendees and vendors alike to voice their opinions on their experiences; […]

Wondercon’16: Chris Hardwick and Nerdist News Speak About Community and Nerdiness

Chris Hardwick belting his rendition of "The Children are our Future"

By Nicholas Eskey If you label yourself a “nerd” and wear it with pride, undoubtedly you already follow Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist News. The quick witted comedian and mega-nerd took heads the podcast driven news network for nerds with a wonderful collection of colleagues and special guests, discussing everything from the current state of all things […]

Wondercon’16: The Ratchet & Clank Movie is Almost Here


What started as a game for the PlayStation 2 is now a movie spawning the same game for the PlayStation 4. When it comes to paradox no characters have had bigger ones than the furry lombax named Ratchet and his tiny robot friend Clank. Games, comics, and now a movie; Wondercon was treated to a […]

Wondercon’16: DC All-Access… Not Quite All


Chalk it up to weird timing or bad planning. Even before DC Comics makes all their big REBIRTH announcements at Wondercon on Saturday, the publisher didn’t mind holding panels. DC All-Access opened their big weekend. Even with such a fantastic line up of creators one has to wonder why you’d ever let the words “ALL ACCESS” […]

DC rolls out Rebirth with heretical retail strategy

Apr16 DC previews 00006

With less than 48 hours to go until the world shattering Rebirth event, to be held at 9:30 am PDT  on the Saturday of WonderCon (And livestreaming for audiences everywhere, DC is using a very unorthodox rollout for retailers. As you may have noticed it’s solicitations week when all the publishers send out their upcoming books for June […]

Nice Art: Justice League’s Jason Fabok Covers the WonderCon 2016 Program


Here are the final colors by Brad Anderson and the digital inks by myself for @WonderCon! Check it out pic.twitter.com/mTq5fUCBAF — Jason Fabok (@JasonFabok) February 29, 2016 Artist Jason Fabok (Justice League) has been on the rise at DC Comics. The artists’ signature style filled with sleek line work and impressive, expressive characters has been […]

WonderCon ’15: Recap, Impressions, Big move announcement.

Take a good look at the Anaheim Convention Center, It might be the last WonderCon sees of it.

By Nick Eskey For the three years that WonderCon has been in the Anaheim convention center, I’ve been very fortunate to attend it. I say fortunate because compared to my local San Diego Comic Con, this one is much more relaxed. Replacing the large media influence and the sardine-cramped spaces, there is ease and Fandom. […]