BREAKING: Gun dealer DS Arms will attend Dragon Con, but not as a vendor

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Wizard World has been the subject of scrutiny after Tom Spurgeon reported that gun dealer DS Arms, Inc. would be attending the Chicago show as a vendor. The news prompted a series of back-and-forth moves – that DS Arms was attending, not attending, attending, and as of today back to not attending, according to Bleeding Cool.

Spurgeon’s report also mentioned that the dealer was rumored to be attending Dragon Con in Atlanta, which seemed to be confirmed by DS Arms’ Facebook page:

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A happy camper @WizardWorld #ChicagoComicCon ! XX — Elvira (@TheRealElvira) August 23, 2014 Wizard World Chicago was this weekend, a now four-day extravaganza of mostly nerdlebrity stuff, but still, and it’s said to be a great place to sell art to the midwest’s large and eager fan base. It’s also the show where nerdlebrities […]

Scene report: Wizard World Chicago Comicon — Not Every Day is like Sunday

There’s always been something a bit disappointing about Sundays. It’s like on a primal level every part of our body understands that workaday Monday is round the corner. Fun is coming to an end. And what little fun there remains is overshadowed by the infinite promise of Friday and Saturday just gone. That is certainly the reputation they have at conventions. By Sunday, the hardcore attendees, the exhibitors and guests have already been there a day or two. The enthusiasm they started with has met with the reality of spending an extended period of time in what is effectively a large warehouse-type space, and perhaps also the reality staying up a little past their respective bedtimes. Any big announcements there might have been have all been made, and most attendees have already spent most of the money they planned to spend. Indeed, when I told Heidi I’d be at Wizard World Chicago on a Sunday she did remind me “Sunday is probably the quietest day…”