Black Comics Month: Princess LovePon by Shauna J Grant


Continuing our spotlight on Black Comics Month, by arrangement with site runner Miz Caramel Vixen, who wanted me to remind everyone that the #blackcomicsmonth tag and site run EVERY month and not just Black History Month. Normally the site spotlight creators twice a week but in February they do one a day. Today’s spotlight is […]

Webcomics alert! Emily Carroll is back with “some other animal’s meat”


Holy cow, Emily Carroll is amazing. She’s just posted a new horror comic called some other animal’s meat and just click on over and read it and prepare to be squicked out. As with many of her comics, image and body horror are at the root, but it’s also creepy as hell. And Carroll has […]

Webcomic Alert: “Sun” by Jed McGowan is a comic for a winter day


Los Angeles-based artist Jed McGowan specializes in what might be called wordless biological/geological/astrophysics comics. A niche but a good one. His previous efforts include the Xeric-winning Lone Pine , and webcomics on Voyager’s journey through space, a volcanic eruption near Hawaii, and an eerie comic about interplanetary exploration.

Holiday Comics: Kate Beaton’s annual Christmas comics


It’s becoming a tradition like plum pudding and A Christmas Story: Kate Beaton’s annual comics about her family from her trip home for Christmas. I’m not sure how they’re tagged but if you click around her Tumblr you’ll see them all. Kate’s family is no more odd or endearing than anyone’s and that what’s make these so universal. IF these don’t give you that fuzzy holiday feeling, nothing will.

Webcomic Alert: “Unnamed” videoo game/ superhero comic by Box Brown


Box Brown (Retrofit Comics, Andre” is serializing a new unnamed comic that deals with fantasy/superhero/video game elements as an unnamed hero deals with the tedium of grinding, and argues with another explorer over the life of crystal thieving. It’s a few pages in, but another solid entry in the “magical kingdom” genre of indie comics. Jump on board!

Webcomics Tuesday: Empowered by Adam Warren is being serialzed online FREE


Empowered isn’t for everyone…but it is for a LOT of people. Adam Warren’s pastiche on manga is billed as a “sexy superhero comedy” and that it is, but it’s also a long running story with a lot of heart and characterization that propel it far beyond mere cheesecake comics. And with nine volumes (!) in […]

Webcomics Tuesday begins with “Picnic”


It’s December 29th and most of you are on holiday or traveling around or sitting at your desk counting the minutes until you can leave. I’m in the middle group—traveling— and for those of you in the latter group, today were just posting some fine reading. The provenance of some of these is, um, hazy, but no judgements. Just entertainment!