What?!? When!?!: Your Updated Comics Cinema Calendar, Disney Edition


The official Disney Blog, Oh My Disney!, has just posted new release dates for Disney movies! Now, I don’t really post the full list anymore (because Warners is too chicken to place dates on their superhero movies), but here’s the Disney timeline through 2020: 2017 Beauty and the Beast (Live Action) (3D): 3/17 Born in […]

What?!? When!?!: Your Updated Comics Cinema Calendar, Oscar Season Edition


The October doldrums are past (where The Martian was the #1 movie for four of the past five weeks?!). Last weekend saw the double whammy of James Bond and Charlie Brown gain 76% of the weekend box office, and the total take of all movies to be 148% over the previous weekend’s cumulatives and 6% over this time last […]

What?!? When!?!: Special Disney “Moana” Edition


Disney Animation Studios has regained their glamour of Walt’s era, where every new Disney animated feature is eagerly awaited and anticipated. And speculated. Whispers are heard from Emeryville and Burbank regarding any future films, and even a simple title card can set fans imaginations churning. Such is the case with  “Moana”, the next “princess” animated film […]

What I’m Feeling About Pixar’s “Inside Out”

inside out fathom

Other members of Team Beat will be along soon to give their reviews of Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out”, debuting tomorrow. There was mention of a news embargo, but it looks like other sites are beginning to talk about the movie. Since I paid $25 to see the Fathom Events sneak peek, I’m not really prevented from […]

Frozen: The Unsung Heroes of the Story

Frozen Story Team

  If you’re a warm blooded human and have been out in public, then you’ve most likely heard that wildly popular and award winning song from the movie Frozen. Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about. The one that has gotten so far wedged into your head that brain trauma is the only remedy. […]