Image Comics Month-to Month Sales: July 2015 – The Walking On Guard Saga


Yes, that’s right: Image. I know I usually do the DC Comics sales summaries here at The Beat, but while Heidi looks for someone to step in and handle the Indy comics chart I volunteered to do a column focusing on Image. With around seventy titles each month they’re about as large (titles-wise) as Marvel or DC, so I figure they should have their own column, yes? Warning: The commentary may be even more mis-informed than usual…

The important thing to remember when looking at Image’s sales numbers is that they’re not really playing the same game as other comics companies. My understanding (and I’m sure you’ll all correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below…) is that Image charges a flat fee for producing, listing and distributing comics, so that after that fee and the printing costs, whatever is left over goes directly to whoever supplied the comic. (This may be different for the official Image partners…)

New world order: The Walking Dead and Ms. Marvel top October sales

The Walking Dead #132

The Walking Dead #132 topped the October charts, helping Image lands a 9.77% dollar share and impressive 12.28% unit share, according to figures just released by Diamond. While the zombie book led the charts before, it was for the milestone 100th issue.  I believe this is the first time a regular issue led the charts, most likely buoyed […]

Facebook Demographics: The Walking Dead, Not All Media Are Created Equal

walking dead media

by Brett Schenker The Walking Dead is a cultural phenomenon. The property regularly breaks records, whether it’s television ratings, print runs and sell-outs in comics, or winning accolades and awards when it comes to video games. There have been very few series that tap into the cultural zeitgeist and become regular water cooler conversation. With […]

40 new Walking Dead photos to prepare you for the good times


Incredibly, when they aren’t signing autographs at comics shows around the nation, the cast of The Walking Dead is making a TV show. Since AMC needs something to keep itself busy post Breaking Bad, in two Sundays the fourth season of The Walking Dead debuts for more hope-crushing, jugular-tearing fun and frolic. To get you […]

Walking Dead gets a spin-off TV series for 2015 with Kirkman co-producing


AMC is jumping on the “spin-off” bandwagon. With Breaking Bad ending, a Bob Odenkirk-headlined spinoff called “Better Call Saul” is in the works, although whether anyone will want to revisit the Breaking Bad world after last night’s devastating, bleak, and horrifying “Ozymandias” is anyone’s guess. How dark was “Ozymandias”? It makes The Walking Dead look […]