Michonne cast on The Walking Dead: Danai Gurira

Well, alright! In a slam bang final episode, The Walking Dead not only left the farm but teased the sadistic jail, and finally introduced the bad-ass Michonne, in a dramatic entry:


The Walking Dead recap: Season 2, Episode 12: Huge shocker!

Click here for a shocking spoiler about basic cable’s #1 rated show!


Tony Moore sues Robert Kirkman over his share of WALKING DEAD money—which could be a LOT

Even as the success of THE WALKING DEAD across all media has soared—it’s basic cable’s highest rated program—there has always been a bit of a silent partner on the book: co-creator Tony Moore who left the book after six issues. Although credited as co-creator on the series, he’s been noticeably absent from promoting the book or TV series in its recent wild run of success.

And now we know part of the reason why: he’s just filed suit over his share of the profits of the book, profits he claims he has never had an accounting for and which he fraudulently signed away.


Watch the first three minutes of the WALKING DEAD mid-season premiere

Can’t wait to see what happens after that last traumatic scene of season 1.0 when Rick shoots Sophia and the rest of the zombies in the barn? The first three minutes of The Walking Dead’s February 12th premiere have just been put on line and we’ll give you three guesses what happens:


New Walking Dead Season 2.5 teaser released

Rick and Herschel enjoy a heart to heart talk in this brief teaser.

Hm. Another 6 episodes of heart-to-heart talks? Egads. Michonne, do not forsake us!


Gift guide: Deluxe edition THE WALKING DEAD — RISE OF THE GOVERNOR

Shipping time is nigh and deluxe giftables are pouring into our inbox. Here’s one from Skybound at Image, a deluxe, leather bound, slipcased hardcover edition of THE WALKING DEAD – RISE OF THE GOVERNOR novel written by Robert Kirkman and co-writer Jay Bonansinga with spot illos by Charlie Adlard.

“Many have asked me whether I will ever write a prequel about the lives the character lead before,” said Kirkman in a statement. “Well, that’s basically what we’re doing with these novels. And we wanted to offer the fans a special edition before the holidays.”

The book — first in a planned trilogy or prequels based on series characters — explores the origins of the Governor, the most hated villain in the whole series.

The book ships on December 7 and retails for $74.99. A signed limited edition is also available for $124.99.


New Walking Dead TV featurette

In advance of the Walking Dead DVD release, they are making some of the extras available as videos. HEre’s one about how to make a zombie attack scary.


Borders Walking Dead fail

A pal snapped this recent photo at a local Borders.

Perhaps there is a reason they are in trouble.


Video: Walking Dead Zombie death orgy

Speaking of The Golden Globe nominated The Walking Dead, here’s a video mash-up of all the zombie deaths from the first six episodes. Let’s call in Dexter for some blood splatter analysis.


Walking Dead Season Finale Review: Ya kinda LOST me

Last night the mini first season of AMC’s smash insta-hit, The Walking Dead went out with a great big zombie plague origin story bang. Among the casualties were a couple of non-comic book canon characters who won’t be missed and lots of precious plot cohesion, plausibility or originality. I love the sheer, unadulterated page turn-ability of the Walking Dead comics and the first two episodes of the television show were incredibly good with the promise of even more great things to come. So it is with great regret that one of the only nice things I have to say about how the first chapter of the TV adaptation wrapped up is that new survivor Daryl and his crossbow will be around next season.


Kirkman talks about Walking Dead staff changes

While an earlier Deadline report set tongues twittering, you’ve got to like how Robert Kirkman has deflected some of the freak-outs over changes at The Walking Dead’s writing staff by frankly addressing them. In an interview with TV Guide he explains that things aren’t how they look. “It’s kind of unfortunate that it’s being reported that our writing staff has been fired because that’s not the case.” Writer Chic Eglee left of his own volition, Kirkman explains:


Has The Walking Dead jumped the shark before they even built the shark tank?

The cycle of “the new things is awesome!” to “we are so over it!” has accelerated to mere minutes. Case in point: The Walking Dead. Only last week it was on the cover of EW with a triumphant story:


The Walking Dead shambles to another season, setting ratings records

This is either a zombie renaissance, or a comic book renaissance for TV, as The Walking Dead has officially been greenlit for a second season or a whole 13 episodes after record ratings. As the President of AMC put it:

“No other cable series has ever attracted as many Adults 18-49 as ‘The Walking Dead.

That’s called making an impact. The second episode, which aired last night, w as down only a tick from the premiere’s record breaking ratings.

Congrats once again to Robert Kirkman and company. PR below.


Walking Dead was a hit!

The Walking Dead premiere last night was the highest rated cable series premiere of 2010, and its highest rating EVER on AMC for an original series, Deadline reports. The premiere drew 5.3 million total viewers, and the second showing increased the total audience to 8.1 million. “It’s a good day to be dead,” said AMC […]


Review: The Walking Dead delivers stylish gore

So, does The Walking Dead (premiering this Sunday, Halloween, on AMC at 10:00/9 PM C) live up to the hype?

One Word Answer:  Ewwwwwwwwww!


31 Days of Halloween BONUS: The Walking Dead via Secret Headquarters

It’s Halloween Week AND Walking Dead Week and this is freaking radical: special limited edition artwork by four indie art stars, available at Secret Headquarters in LA.