Coming Attractions: Fall-Winter 2012: Fantagraphics, W.W. Norton, and Related Publishers

Eisner m16a1 rifle

Eisner!  Swarte!  Hernandez!  Lou Reed!  Schulz!  Kelly!  Kubert!  Tardi!  Gottfredson!  Van Sciver!  Ryan!  Woodring!  Barks!  Sendak!  Bushmiller!  Everett!  Frazetta!  Davis!  Medley!  The Crumbs!  Wilson!  Krigstein!  Deitch!  Millionaire!  Bagge! Lots of great stuff from Fantagraphics, and from their distributor, W. W. Norton!

Coming Attractions: June 2011

Ah… Memorial Day approaches, and with it, summer vacation. Day after day of nothing which must be done, but full of possibilities! Maybe an escape to the air-conditioned refuge of your local library. Perhaps a day spent on the porch, sipping something cold and sinful (I prefer Brown Cows, served in a large ice tea glass). Or maybe hiding away up in a hayloft, or deep in a cool root cellar, where no one can find you. Whatever your preference, there’s nothing like a good book to make you forget the world around you. Below are some suggestions for your summer reading pleasures. (And if you need a nap to avoid the afternoon heat, give your kids something to read. It’ll keep them quiet long enough for you to recharge your batteries.)