Reality stars show bust may prove you need the "Comic" in Comic-con after all

While comics sales may be soft these days, one aspect of the comics lifestyle is still booming: the ever humble comic-con has gone from an affair centered on a few bearded guys in t-shirts sitting behind some yellowing longboxes to what is the modern equivalent of the county fair: a chance to dress up, take pictures, meet nerd people, and buy nerd shit. Comic-cons around the country are booming, with sell-outs, constant media coverage and enthusiastic reports from people of every gender and age.

Despite this upswing, there is some grumbling among the original comics folks about how movies and TV stars are taking over the comic-cons — and not just at San Diego where the Hollywood hype machine throws an annual three- ring circus/orgy of promotion. Reed Pop’s shows — NYCC and C2E2 — have been traditionally lighter on movie panels and nerdlebrities signing autographs, but even the announcement of a few guys from Ghost Hunters threw up alarm bells. Plus, even at real comic-cons the major media coverage always centers on costumes and nerdlebrities — and that’s annoying.